KARYA MITRA USAHA a company are dealing with sales, rents, and office container supply and also fabricated costumized size container for various purposed container.

OFFICE CONTAINER are main items for Container Modification, basic design are portable which is very easy to be moved form one place to another place, shock-resistant and soundproof with a basic materials as follows :

  • Container : Size from 10 feet, 20 feet and 40′ in good condition
  • Wall : Inside container installed frame from wood or steel materials and after that laying glasswool or rockwools, then – interior inside covered by melamin plywood thickness about 3mm
  • AC : Equipped with Air Conditioner split type capacity 1 PK for office container size 10 feet = 1 unit, 20feet = 1 unit and 40 feet = 2 units.
  • Floor : Using ceramics tyle, wooden or vynil.
  • Door : Aluminium door, Wooden Door or Steel Door
  • Windows : Sliding Aluminum Windows with dark/clear glass or aluminum fixed window
  • Security Bar : AC Blower, Windows equipped security bar
  • Canopy : Outside area for every door, window, exhaust fans, and Outdoor AC Blower.
  • Exhaust Fans : equipped with 1 Exhaust Fan
  • Electricity : MCB, power cable, socket, Lamp, on-off swicth
  • Telephone cable, data cable
  • Painting : Touch-up paint, finish paint  with high quality marine paint, and colour can be select by end user for basic paint colour.


www.office-container.com Fabrication of Office Container – PD. Karya Mitra Usaha

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